chat in a forum @.@

since every 1 likes to be on the forum more than the chat zone how about putting a small chat box under the forum not a huge chat box only a place where you can talk
i know a site that provides that for free and fixing it wont take a sec this is the site that provides it
and this is an example on my forum
scroll down to see the mini chat box ;D i dont think it well be a bad idea and it wont take any data space from the main site :wink:

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I like chat. It doesnt take as long for people to respond.

Wow, thats a really good idea! ;D

Great Idea!

Eh. I’m not up for it.

Thats a really great idea! I hope Andre is here to see it now… :-[

Sounds like it could be good.

Hmm, Never thought about that. Also make it to where when you go to another page on the forum, the thing won’t refresh.

it has auto refresher if that’s what you mean ???

I think he means that it shouldn’t refresh with each page so that you can actually have a conversation and see what has been typed. If it did refresh, it would probably be like if you went into the current chat room and hit refresh.

I wouldn’t like it, because sometimes I try to avoid to go in the chat when I’m on YYE, so that wouldn’t allow me to do that. Plus, you really can’t tell who’s actively talking or not.

samad you can till
and Apetrunk when you hit refresh it well refresh the furom but the chat box wont loss and thing
like if i sed hi then refresh the hi well still be there ;D

Please, I know our opinions count in the site improvements, but please don’t bring dead posts back up. Its July 1st. The last post was on June 21. :slight_smile:

It wasnt really a dead post, and no one brought it up but you.

No, james (I think it was him) deleted his post. I agree, though.

Actually to be honest, I brought it up and then erased the post when I realized the last post was on the 21st. It was already on the top 3 of resent fourms on yye site improvements so I didn’t know the last post was on the 21st, sorry. :’(

It doesn’t matter. This post isn’t really very old at all.

Yes. So long it is not on the fourth or fifth page, it should be fine.

No need to argue, THIS IS A HAPPY PLACE. ::slight_smile: :o