What's your "record/high score" for Boingy-Boings?


In other words, how many back-and-forths is your own personal record?

Let’s call 1 back and forth as 1 Boingy Boing.

I never thought about counting until today, just for fun - something to make practicing more interesting :slight_smile:

Today I did the best I’ve ever done, 33 back-and-forths.


Haha. About 10.

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


Limitless boings!

OK, not limited. Just limited by spin time. I was over 40 to-and-fros before I decided that it really came down to the strength of my throw and the overall spintime of the yoyo being used.

Haven’t tried, but assuming a pretty hard throw, on a Pacquiao, I can probably only boing 20 times or so (haven’t tried, but it’s light and has a narrow gap). Whereas on a H5xChief I’m sure I could bust out well over 60.


I did ~130 on my G5 earlier today.