What's your reaction when some famous yoyoer does your trick


Mine is extreme chagrin. I think, “Auggghhh now everyone is going to think it’s his trick.”


I call veiled brag. :wink:


Shows everyone video evidence you posted before the pro did it


Hmm never happened to me yet I guess so I honestly wouldn’t know. ;p


My reaction would be “my what a coincidence!”


Well trick question because i take stuff from pros all the time so they’ll just be copyiing their own tricks


Idk i would be honored. Especially if Ooch or Andre Boule’ did it. (Sorry if I didn’t spell that right)


Haha I guess a little, but I was just bringing it up because i saw Shinya Kido do a trick that I thought was at first my trick but then I realized the difference.


which one? I’m extremely curious ;D


I used to let it bother me… but I try not to care as much anymore.

Especially since I’m pretty sure I’ve unwittingly stolen things from people before, or have done things very similar to what other people came up with.

We may each be a unique and individual snowflake… but at the end of the day, aren’t snowflakes all kinda the same? ::slight_smile: