What's your nationality/ethnicity?

I would like to get to know you guys a little more :smiley: please do not get the wrong idea here. Just state your nationality/ethnicity. I’ll start first:

I have a mixed nationality. My mixed ethnicities are: African American, native Indian, Syrian, and Filipino.

Both parents are Vietnamese, I was born here in the States.




Nationality and ethnicity are two different things.


I’m a little bit Spanish and Indian from my dads side, and Irish, Scottish, and German on my moms side. Quite the mix I tell you.

Mostly Filipino, with some Japanese (dad’s side) and Spanish (mom’s side.)

I am a strange mix of Japanese, Peruvian and Filipino. And love every side :3

Both parents are Indian and I’m Indian. Lol.

Your dad’s Indian which state?

I was adopted and have never met my birth parents so I always just go by what my adoptive family’s nationality is.

Therefore, I am American. However, my father’s family came from Croatia and there were also a couple of Italians. Then my mother’s family comes from England, so I actually have a few different countries mixed in there.


Let’s just call it “Baskin Robbin’s 31 Flavors” variety :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I have French, German, English, Irish, and Portuguese in me.

Non-pasturized White 2% Milk

5’10 Caucasian male of British descent. My grandfather was an Irish immigrant, so I guess I have some Irish in me somewhere as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

U.S. Citizen of Filipino descent and according to my parents, some Spanish, German, and Portuguese down the road.

It’s really nice to see that a lot of people here have some Filipino blood ;D

FILIPINO REPRESENT! Question is can anybody here besides me speak Filipino? Or the language of their heritage?

I’m a carnivore.

I’m an omnivore, but can’t eat stuff with the sea smell

I speak Korean too