Ben Conde Filipino ?

So I was watching one of Ben’s performances and he looks Filipino to me. Does anyone else think he is?

Why does it matter?


What he said ^^^

I know him… If he is he certainly doesn’t have an accent or anything.

I believe he is half. Possibly idk tho. I could be thinking of Narum or someone.

What he said ^^^

I know him… If he is he certainly doesn’t have an accent or anything.

the accent doesn’t matter a but. I know a lot of Pilipino people with no accent at all.

I think he looks like a human-being.


I guarantee you, he has an accent - as does every single person o the face of this planet.



He is a human. An American. We leave it at that…

I think some inquiries can be innocent, it is just hard to tell over the internet. Some people want to know ethnicity to divide or label, while others might think they share ethnicity with a person, and they are curious to know if they have something else in common with them. I am a fan of some people, and when I read biographies or autobiographies, knowing ethnic background can be an interesting thing to know about. I personally feel a connection with people from my home state or city. The same way we root for sports teams based on where they are from, I think it is okay to want to root for a yo-yo player who might have something in else in common with you. You can have other things in common to form a connection from a fan perspective. But, I would be okay with ethnicity or nationality being one of them. If I was playing yo-yo in Africa, and some American over there saw me and liked me because of the “American” connection thing…I’d be cool with it. I think it is okay, and comes from an innocent place, while not excluding being a fan of others for different reasons altogether. I have been asked about ethnicity, and it does not offend me. I think most people asked me, thinking I might share the same ethnicity.

Depends how you define Accent. I don’t talk like a Minnesotan. I don’t talk like I’m from New York either. I have a weird neutral blend. That being said, Ben lives in Chicago and I live in Minneapolis. Between the two cities the accents don’t vary much.

He looks filipino to me too. So i think he is :slight_smile:

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Many people feel enlightened by pretending ethnicity doesn’t exist or matter. And then perhaps getting offended on occasion when it’s mentioned.

“Why does it matter?”
“He looks like a human-being.”
“He is a human.”
“This is the way we should all be thinking, folks.”

Give me a break! I’m not saying you are all thinking the same thing, but collectively you sound ridiculous.

P.S. Thanks for the valuable input TotalArtist. Don’t forget that mere curiosity is innocent as well! Even without common background. How else will we learn anything? :slight_smile:

And to me, I’m quite sure you’d have an American accent :slight_smile:

What makes the world such an interesting place to live in, is that we are not all grey, we are not all the same. I live in a country with 11 official languages, what a fascinating place to be!

The Sotho language is official in SA and is one of the more common languages spoken here.

Lesotho’s history is very interesting. In the 1800s, Sotho speaking clans were scattered in the mountains of Lesotho, essentially hiding from tribal warfare. Moshoeshoe came along, united the people as a nation and bargained with the British on behalf of the Sotho nation. Lesotho was a British protectorate until 1966 - which, I guess, is how they became an independent nation.

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Funny. No one is pretending it doesn’t exist. OP said he looks Flip. I say he looks like a human. Hop off.

Just curious why does his ethnicity matter? He yo-yos and is amazing at it that’s all I need to know.