Filipino kid playing his YYJ-Legacy... OMG!!!

There’s a funny clip in the ending!

Cool vid lol

thanks!.. I suck in yoyoing…

At least a Filipino kid listens to good music.

It was repeative, but other than I liked it. Funny ending. At least the legacy is celcon, so it tough to scuff. ;D


thanks guys for those comments!.. bet you’re all better!

You should have posted a language warning, who knows what little kid could watch that video.

I always had the mindset that any video with a long intro, quick cuts, and an eminem soundtrack instantly sucked. Proved me wrong, this one was at least watchable :wink: .

keep it up!


sorry for the inappropriate words in the song… :-[

“Diba?” means “Right?”


Marlon, next time Radio Edit ah…

(Use radio edit next time.)

Whoaw!.. How did you know?

Are you a Filipino!?..

Oh… sorry… I didn’t know about Radio edit…
I’ll use radio edit next time!

thanks! ;D

Did… you forget about me?

I’m the guy that posted in your topic…

I’m also the one that PM’d you about the topic…

Hey nice yoyoing your really good XD
what is the trick at 2:43 till 2:53?

Haha may tatlo akong kaibigan d2 na pinoy Nagyoyo. Syempre Pag Pinoy Magagaling HEHEHEHE…
Nice job dude. I like the Video

Your really good man! Keep It up and you will be even better. Thumbs up on the Eminem not afraid song. The way you did this video went great with the song.

Thanks guys!

I really appreciate your comments… it keeps me going! :smiley:

Aye! Galing naman!

(yes I am Pinoy ;D)

i couldnt do a breakaway for a while either. now that i CAN do a breakaway, the tricks that i do are a lot easier. try it. anyway you are really good! dont say im better than you. i am bad. lol. how long have you been yoyoing?

Nice Vid. Filipino rin ako kasama si XxKingDomxX23

your good you dont suck how long have you been throwing