guys here’s my entry vid for Duncan Crew Philippines Chris Makita’s “Impress Me!” video contest…this contest if for filipino players… :smiley:

well that was some awesome yoyoin right there :wink: hope u get into duncan ;))

Thanks!hehe but im using YYF (dream sponsor) but if duncan will offer me a slot why not?

oh i thought it sed above ur vid that its ur duncan entry soz my bad ;D

So your not sponsered. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Dude I hope you get sponsered for the sake of all yoyoers. :slight_smile:

i got some money

Hmm…just to clarify,the said contest i think its personally organized by Chris what i mean is it’s not from duncan that’s why we players are open to use any brand of yoyos,and any division to play with…

thanks anyway,well i hope i will be sponsored soon!



Wat song was that.

Edit: So nobody knows wat song that was.


Please don’t bump someone else’s thread. If you really want to know then create a thread on the subject.

Sorry but I really wanted to know what the song was.

Basement Party - The Cool Kids

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Cool men!

Mabuhay tayong mga Pinoy! ;D ;D ;D

Hope you get into Duncan Good Luck

i already indicated the song title on my vid,i thought you’ve seen that…anyway thanks!

thanks bro!taga saan ka?naglalaro ka din ba?

Yeah i did it!i just won 3rd place for this,but the rare yoyo prize remains unknown,cant wait for Chris to go back in our country to give the prizes personally!thanks for all viewers!