I'd like to present:

What up all you Experts out there, I don’t normally visit the forum of this site but nothings stopping me from starting now.

Recently I felt like trying to edit some yoyo footage, luckily enough Kyle Capiral and Bryan Jardin let me get some of their stuff on film. For those of you who don’t know, Kyle is the 3 time 2a Philippine National Yoyo champion and an all around stand up guy, while Bryan Jardin is the newest member of the Duncan Crew Philippines/Duncan Crew World Wide and the 4 time 5a Philippine National Yoyo Champion.

Anyway if you guys have any criticisms on the filming/editing feel free to share. The camera quality isn’t the best which I can’t really do anything about :stuck_out_tongue: but other than that I’m all ears. Thanks guys, hope you enjoy.

Bryan’s Vid:

And Kyle’s Vid:


edit: Now up on Yoyoskills, thanks to them for helping promote the local yoyo scene here in the Philippines! ;D

are u from UAE real ?
im from BAHRAIN

this is my email : the-heatman-heart@hotmail.com
the videos was awasme

Hey Was
These Vids Filmed In The U.A.E Or In The Philippines ???
Also The Vids Were Cool To Watch :wink:

I used to live in the U.A.E. (thats where I grew up) but I moved back to the Philippines for uni a few months ago. As for these videos, they were shot in the Philippines.

Its good seeing other yoyoers around the Middle East, too bad you guys are still a bit too far for club meets and stuff, before I left it was like me and 2 friends and that was it :-\ Kinda lonely haha.

Guys We Really Should Organize A Middle East Yoyo Contest :slight_smile: I Know Like 2 Other Yoyoers in Egygpt One Here And One On YYN :wink:

I’d like to help but I’m not in the U.A.E. anymore, but also the Middle East is really spread out, and you can’t really drive from one place to another within a reasonable amount of time. I suggest first build up a following, you and your friends could start a yoyo club and develop a scene, then once you’ve got that start thinking about competitions for your country. From there if more Middle Eastern countries have a solid yoyo scene then move onto a big competition like a Middle East Yoyo Contest.

This Is Good Idea I Will Try To Do It :wink: