The Middle East.


So I live in Kuwait, lol.
And it’s quite hard being a yo-er in such a country,
Since I’ve joined here and everyone’s been ultra-nice to me :smiley:
I’ve wanted to know if there’s another yo-er thats sharing the same part of the world as I do :smiley:
Maybe, form a team, trade yoyos, whatever :smiley:
So let me know if you’re around :wink:

(Mikey) #2

If you cannot find anyone, you could start your own yoyo club and have video chats and that sort of stuff.


huhh… I just studied kuwait in Geography class, Sounds interesting. Good luck


Hmm…sounds interesting

(screamo) #5

Hello,maybe there are some other yo-yoers around they could be hiding.


Add me and two of my friends to the list of people who yoyo in the Middle East. There are a bunch of younger kids here that buy the blazing teen auldey yoyo’s and I’m hoping that they learn a few tricks but I doubt they’ll pick it up as a hobby.

My advice is get your friends interested so they end up buying some yoyo’s and you’ve got yourself a club, or at least some good friends who enjoy the same hobby. It does suck yoyoing alone and I think you do progress a lot faster having people motivate you to learn some tricks and bounce ideas off of, so hey go find some people :slight_smile: and yeah good luck.


Me and my friend here…


check all forums theres bound to be somebody. ;D

happy throwing


LOL, yeah I’m sure they’re working with Taliban :stuck_out_tongue:


lol yoyos of mass destruction


Lmao xD
Tyler, you just made my day


i live in Egypt as u can c same as u with being a yoyoer


Wait, strychnine in large doses can kill you, right? SO, maybe he IS making yoyos OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!