A new Yo-Yoing era in Egypt!

Hello Everyone,

i know that most of you ( if not any) willl not remember me… i’m the Egyptian guy who posted here almost a year and a half ago! yes, i was the one who asked for yoyos, and yes most people thought i was doing a scam just to get free yoyos…

TODAY and after a long struggling and with the help of the donations from the awesome people of YoyoExpert with 25 Yo-Yos!! ( that’s right) i managed to form a yoyoing club here in egypt! for the first time ever, people are actually getting into it and we are around 26 people in this club 8)

i would like to thank each and everyone of this great community for supporting me with this, i could’nt have done it without you… Thanks for giving me the hope that i could do it, i’ll be posting photos very soon.


Free yoyos?
Peak plz.

Also, really neat that you took the time to make this club. Real neat!

oh hey I remember you! And that’s awesome that happened!!! Maybe one year we can have a world yoyo contest in Egypt one year!

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Here we go, this is the official Egyptian page for the Yoyo with more than 3000 likes already since its creation https://www.facebook.com/egyptyoyo
you can watch some photos of the members, it’s getting bigger everyday!

haha yeah i remember you. Good for you man! great to hear the egyptians got some yos.

great to hear that. why don`t you hook up with Samir Elotmanii. Guy is hosting a similar community in marroko and tries to unite arab countries for a yoyo community. His website (http://www.arabyoyo.com/) is pretty cool but lacks content. i think you could maybe join forces.

good luck

Glad too hear you are still throwing. ;D Clubs are really fun. Meet in a public space so more people see you and join.

going to to that as soon as possible! thanks for the support :slight_smile:

feels awesome man, i’m really glad we could do that

still throwing thanks to you my friend  :wink: thank you very much for what you did, i’ll never forget that

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