Bryan Jardin x Freebird

Duncan Crew Philippines member Bryan Jardin getting to work with his Freebird, what else needs to be said?



Does this guy compete?

where did you get the song? P.S. your video was really good

Yeah in the short time I’ve known him, Bryan’s always been kinda nuts.

And he does compete, he’s won 1st in the 5a division at the Philippine National Yoyo Championship 4 years running now, but he only recently started competing internationally at the 2010 Clash 44. He’ll be representing the big PHL (Philippines) at the upcomming 2011 Asia Pacific Championship and I’m expecting him to make a big splash there.

Also the song is called “One” by Ratatat from there album “9 Beats”

Thanks for checking out the videos guys, to see more of his stuff please do look at my other recent thread found here:


I just had to bump this post and congratulate Bryan for placing 2nd at the Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship! ;D

Whoa 5a to the max lol. nice vid

I’ve must of watched this video a dozen times. Its fantastic. Oh, and congrats to him for getting second a AP. :slight_smile: