Whats your favorite throw of all time?¿


Whats your favorite throw off all time mine would be a genesis or a bvmr2


The Doc Pop Bolt by Yoyojam.

Would do anything to get one again.


Tough to say. The Avalanche has always been good to me. It feels like the perfect yoyo for me. But I also love my Ti Walker. It’s too good for words.


The perfect yoyo…

Angle. All the way. Nice and zippy, just the way i like it


Favorite… hmm… I’d have to say my YYF 2010 Severe, i think its lots of fun ;D

It’s not necessarily my best yoyo(best performing) though. That would be the Chief. But I throw my Severe more cuz it plays faster(I like to pretend I can play fast haha0 and I think its more fun.


Code1, yoyoofficer brave


I can’t live without my Adjust-O-Matics. 6 so far and might get some more!


Would say Dark sonic for play but for sentimental purposes I’d say the PHENOMizm.


Sturm Panzer SY-001 Stealth Ogre. It’s incredible.


Still the SPYY Punch Line for me. But I’m really loving everything right now… so it’s not as clear-cut a choice as it once was!


CLYW sasquatch and OG markmont


hmm kickside or speeder


Alpha crash, yyo brave, dark sonic and yyj phenomizm


The theory was my first yoyo I actually liked so although I like other ones, its my favorite for being my first yoyo to help me get better. :slight_smile:


First run heavy chief. The definition of awesome.


The YYF Onestar is my favorite cheap unresponsive yoyo. I’ve got a crap ton of cheap plastics, and for me it just spins longer while doing tricks. The shape must favor my newbish ways…


yyr sleipnir, it plays very fast and floaty I love it even mine is lock tighted together and vibes


All time hmmm… Probably my HSpin Pyro, mainly because it looks cool and performs reasonably well. Though the non-standard bearing size makes me grumpy.

But all around great player that I use day in and day out, right now that is my YYJ Trigger. I can’t say enough good things about that throw.


Right now, I would say my One Drop 54. I’m a huge fan of organic shapes, plus the pyramatte finish is amazing.


The YYJ Phenom.
And after this one…all the mickey’s signature (and collab) yoyos :slight_smile: