What's your favorite part of yoyoing?

What’s your favorite part of yoyoing

The part where I throw the yoyo.


The part where I “accidently” hit people in the face.

I just like the joy it brings me to show everybody.

this. and collecting… it almost, if not exceeds, throwing for me.

The community, I have so much more fun yoyoing with others then by my self. I’m so glad I live in an area with triweekly yoyo meets.

Well, it’s the chocolate frosting of course.

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Meeting people and learning everyday.

Meeting people and making friends, learning tricks, breaking a few tables. . . (true story)

The attention, the challenge, and the decreased reaction time from practicing.

I enjoy making up new tricks!

All of it

yeah! a guy came by, saw my friend throwing, said “i wonder how bad it hurts to get hit in the face with that metal yo-yo” 1 minute later he bends down to pick something off the floor and my friend throws a breakaway and hits the guy right in the forehead. ;D

Yes. And also collecting and just having fun with showing people these simple tricks when they think are amazing.

The portability and the collectibility.