Whats your favorite outside "toy"

I like to do Parkour…


Sport Kite

Biking, basketball, rollerblading, hiking, camping, and skimboarding.

I care because…

I ride my bike around my house a lot.

I like doing 5a and 4a outside as well

lol. so you’re a tough guy. tough guys don’t do math. tough guys fry chicken for a living.

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I like to also. Am I good? In no way, shape or form.


Skiing (especially racing), Running (I guess), Fixing things (i.e. cars and such), Designing/CADing my own yoyos (and prototyping if I have the money and time), Playing Trumpet and Guitar

I forgot basketball/football with friends. Reading (on Godel, Escher, Bach right now; if you happen to know the book, you’re awesome!)

More stuff I forget, I like being active.


I cant believe I forgot frisbee!

I use frisbees allll the time when it isnt windy, haha and sometimes when it is windy.

My two babies…
Bell Magic and Northwind
(Stock photo - but those are the ones I have)

I kayak the beautiful Potomac river.