What's your favorite fixed axle yoyo.

I haven’t played with many but my favorite is my Flying Camel No-Jive. Because of the smooth returns and regens it has with my hand made fat string.

Flying Camel No-Jive :wink:

I like the BC lightning and Champion, and a non-take apart No-Jive.

Custom hand turned yoyos… playability wise nothing better than something you can customize yourself.

no jive and eh.
totally different yo-yo’s, but both give me the feeling that i can hit anything.

I seem to always come back to the Sullivan. Specifically the awesome bubinga one that Colin gave me/I stole.

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No Jive and the 2014 eH. I really like the original eH’s (especially my original), but there is something really great about the 2014.

I’d still like to get an original Flying Camel and a Clean Machine No Jive.

These are my two personal favorites, the 2014 eh and a early SF made No Jive.


The green Duncan Proyo. I’m a bit biased though, it was my first Yo-Yo :slight_smile:
My original broke long ago, but I have another one just like it that I mess with every now and then.

I’ve got a laminated Baldwin that’s definitely my favorite for aesthetics. Players are a play simply no-jive, and a replaceable axle irving.

I’ve always been a No-Jive fan…but the 2014 eh has to be my favorite. It just does everything well.