Another yoyo question, No Jive 3-in-1

My No Jive 3-in-1 came in today and is quite fun to mess with, has pulled my nostalgia strings and brought me back to 1998 when I first saw these. I bought the “Optic Star” engraved version, which has the image engraved on what would be on the inside when in the “flying camel” configuration (wing shape). I noticed that the string tends to rub on this as it’s almost like an oversized response system/giant starburst, often making a rough ride if my throw isn’t dead center.

I don’t have a whole lot of experience with wooden yoyos so please bear with me. Is the star pattern something that will eventually wear down some/smooth out over time? I don’t want to really go in and sand things down or anything. Or is this something I’ll just get used to the more I use it? Looks like the Ed Haponik version actually has the artwork on what would be the outside of yoyo in wing shape configuration, creating an entirely smooth inside surface.

Special edition no-jives with laser engraving in them are typically only used in their pre-set configuration. The original 3-in-1 design has no engraving (just paint) so that it can be configured however you want.

Some special edition no-jives come in both configurations, some only in one or the other.


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Optic Star engravings on the inside don’t work well :-\

Mini update, been playing with this more. I’m a bit torn between the fact that it’s working and it isn’t when it comes to some tricks. I did find that it does make a somewhat good response system, pulled off some pretty clean trapeze and brother stalls. On the flipside, I’ve had some trouble with some tricks especially if I’m not perfect (some regens, and shooting the moon). Maybe I’ll reconfigure this back to imperial shape and pick up the Ed Haponik version as the shape of it feels great and out of the box is kind of designed to be in wing shape.

good idea… like I said, the engraved versions are not meant to be reconfigured. You’ll end up cutting a lot of strings if you put the engraved portion on the inside.


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I was wondering about this also.

So, what your saying is if you want a butterfly type shape you need to get the Ed version?

Is there a way to get the regular star, but with the design on the outside in camel form?

Also, flying camel form and butterfly are the same type thing right? Both are not imperial?

Flying Camel is what they called it, most likely dodging the “Butterfly” trademark.

There was also a “Flying Camel” edition at one time with artwork of a flying camel.

Oooohhhhh Ok. That makes sense. Thanks!