What's your favorite card or board game?

(Mark) #1

I know you like Dominion. What are your other favorites?


I’m lame. I only play Dominion for now. BUT I’d be interested in trying other stuff… got any recs??


Chess is my favorite!

(Mark) #4

In paper I really like Coup since it’s really portable, quick to teach/learn, and pretty deep.

For something with more meat, Le Havre is a great resource trading game:


Viticulture is a terrific game, especially if you’re a fan of wine.

(Alexander) #6

Coup is such a fun game! I would also recommend “Settlers of Catan”, “King of Tokyo”, “Ticket to Ride” (that one has been really popular recently), and “7 Wonders”

(Josiah Lyons) #7

Risk, ticket to ride, and monopoly. are all good