Do you like playing board games? Which one is your favorite?

Do you like playing board games? Which one is your favorite?

Settlers of Catan.

Don’t know if it’s technically a board game, but I like dominoes, primarily Mexican Train. I own 3 sets.

Also like Rummikub (Rummycube).

do card games count? I’m a beast at mao

Risk! It is hard, fun, and you can lose friends over it.

If you want to know what I mean, what this video:

They are funny.


Munchkin Quest!

I actually really like playing board games, it’s kind of a shame not a whole lot of people I know do as well.

I like:
Candy Land :stuck_out_tongue:
Parcheesi/Trouble (essentially the same game)
Scattergories (if that counts)

And really, anything else. I’ve always wanted to play a tabletop RPG. Something like D&D or Warhammer, but never got into 'em, and I don’t have any friends to play with.

I like Monopoly. Tis fun.

I love Mexican Train :smiley:

My family and I love board games. Play them all the time. There are to many out there to have a real favorite. I like it as the flavor of the month. This months is zombies for the kids and Nautilus for the adults.

Card games on motorcycles.

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Card game board game is best board game.

Electronic Banking Monopoly

I just like classic Monopoly, Risk, and Quelf. Those games bring out the best/worst of people.

My favorite game to play with groups is Balderdash.
My favorite definition;
Stocarma: The act of an elderly woman selling all of her belongings and becoming a NASCAR racer.

I play Alias, and I’m pretty good at it if I’m teaming with my brother. We’re completely different and have completely different ways of explaining words, but there’s some kind of telepathy there that just lets us get and average of 6 points per round without any hassle.

Cashflow 101/202, fun stuff

settlers of catan

To those who like strategy games and tetris: Blokus is the best.

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Oh man, I played Blokus a little while ago! Really fun game!

Risk. Period.

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