Whats your Favorite Game?

There has probably been a couple threads like this in the past, but we’ll do it again.
Whats your Favorite Game?
It can be a Video Game, Board Game, Physical Game, etc.
Or we could just name are favorites in all the categories.
For me it would probably be:
Fav Video Game: Pac Man World 2
Fav Board Game: Sorry
Fav Physical Game: Dodge Ball

Whats yours? :wink:

I love dodge ball… Just played it 30minutes ago… I also love HORSE with yoyo tricks

Video Games: The ones I make
Physical Games: Skateboarding/Soccer

Video games: any sonic games or Mortal Kombat. And DCUO
Sport type things: Skateboarding

video game: Zelda games
board game: pictionary
physical game: dodgeball

I don’t play my favorite video game anymore because my it almost runes my life twice on account of my ADD.

I have waaaaay too many boardgames. But if I had to pick one it would be ‘BANG!’: The bullet edition.
I don’t count 40K because the whole thing in and of itself us more than a game.

I don’t do “physical games” but I do like sports. I like skateboarding but thats not really a game. if Lrav Maga were a game that’s what I would pick.

I like football (the real kind), and I play a lot of videogames. I also love LUDO

THE game. You lost.

Board game: chess
Video game: any pokemon
Sprts: basketball

DANG IT! I Lost the Game! :-\ XD