what's your favorite bearing/yoyo setup?

mine is a crucial groove bearing in a dark magic 2

CT in Sleipnir

I don’t have a favorite yoyo, and a bearing doesn’t do anything to put one of my favorites above all the others.

KK in Trident

Crucial grooved v2 in all my throws.

Stock bearing in stock yoyo.

Ya know I really like the crucial v2 bearing as well… Especially on smaller yoyos. I have one in my mini star. On larger diameter I like 10-ball one drop bearings

Stock bearing on canvas

I’m just going to talk about bearing changes that worked really good for me, or not.

1: KK in a Speeder 2. This was MEANT to be!

2: KK in a Meteor. Big improvement. Comes with a flat, but I like the KK in there better.

3: KK in a Chaser: No, did not like this. The yoyo played heavy. I swapped it back to a flat. Yes, I know it’s a heavy yoyo. But with a flat bearing, it just doesn’t play heavy at all.

4: Crucial Grooved in a Half & Half. Turned it from grippy to mega-fun!

5: Terrapin X Wing Cut in DM2. Actually, I have this configuration in both of my DM2’s. I really, really like this set-up

6: A-sized Centertrac in my Duncan ProZ. Wow! Yes, throw still a bit vibey, but it’s an $8 yoyo with swappable parts, what can you expect? It does play a LOT better! Almost completely unresponsive and gets more than way each day I play it as I wear those stickers down.

7: Planing to get some more Crucial Grooved bearings to go in my pair of black Sharps. The RecRev TA-1 I got at BAC uses one. I tried flats in there, but this one plays best with the Crucial Grooved.

8:OD 10-Ball in Chief, Sasquatch and an upgrade in the Cafe Racer(from the budget 10 Ball).

The rest of mine are pretty much stock. About all I can really think are some BST items I had to swap bearings with. I got a BVM with a YYF in it and I popped a OD 10 Ball in there. I got a MMN with a YYF, so I swapped that for an OD 10-Ball. Let me say the YYF bearings were fine though, no issues at all.

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nqp Dietz
black spike side effects
c size terrapin x wing ceramic bearing
Dragon string

Burning ember code 2 nautilus
Brass spike side effects
C size terrapin x wing ceramic bearing
Dragon string

Whatever bearing comes with the yoyo. I don’t see the point of changing things up other than string and response. I should be worrying about learning tricks, not what’s independently spinning on this spinning toy on a string.

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a konkave bearing on a popstar.

konkave on bvm. want to try terrapin x ilyy size for falcon…

Ten ball in supernova.

KK on leviathan II

KK in a 2nd run Chief, Kitty String

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I throw a 10 ball concave in pretty much everything.

My Chief gets a Crucial V2 though.

Pretty much I have a rotation of throws I use which are the Evil-yo, Decapod, Arctic Circle, Omnicron x, Gelada, Drop Bear, Sceptre and Battosai. I usually just drop in a CT for all of them and go from there. I have several grooved bearings as well and sometimes switch them out when working on a new trick but the grooved bearings sometimes result in less consistent binds at times.

I try to keep stock bearings most of the time, unless the bearing dies, or it really plays dire. There aren’t that many yoyos that are picky on bearings I’ve found, the only notable ones for me are -

Freehand MG, my MG plays much better with a stock Steel Duncan bearing, not the Ceramic crap…
Yoyo Addict Firmy- Plays way better with the cheap Chinese KK, than it did with a standard flat bearing. it did come with the KK new though, so i guess I’ve left that stock.

Any Dif’s I’ve had, have played rubbish with Flat bearings.

Protostar is pretty awful with a flat bearing as well, leave the CT in there seriously.

I try and keep Flat bearings in at all costs, not a fan of KK’s at all. CT’s are alright though…

Well Hello Simon. Good to see you here.

Stock at all cost unless it comes with something other than a flat bearing. Then I put a flat beating in. I don’t like any special bearings just flat.