whats you favorite colored yoyo? and an offtopic question

mine is a yellow dingo, its almost gold

and can you stack a dingo? not going to try just want to know.

I’ve always liked neon colors like lime green, pink, purple, bright blue, and the like. Bright, happy, nondepressing colors!

You can mod near any yoyo to be stacked, but normally, I believe a dingo is not meant to be. (Yoyos intended for hubstacks generally come with some installed, FYI).

i know i just thought it would be funny with zstacks

In short- Yes.

In long- Don’t try it because it’s a very good way to ruin the performance of your yoyo, even if it does turn out well. If you want to keep it as a novelty yoyo, heck, why not? But if you’re going to try it, send it to RiceRocket or Icthus.

Agreed send it either of them they both do great stuff.

Now back on topic…

28 stories and the red/gold (iron man) wooly marmot

almost forgot shark vs zombie beaver ;D

Just about any Blue, Green or Clear variant. Blue/Green, Translucent Lime Green, Clear, Green/Blue… etc etc.

My three favorite yoyos (My Peak, Pyro, and DNA) are all red… so… red! :slight_smile:

Red, black, dark green, this medium translucent blue of my Velocity, red, purple. :slight_smile:

Blue maybe.
I dont have two yoyos with same color in my collection yet.

my favorite colors for yoyos are blue, green, and purple
raw is cool to :slight_smile:

I claim my favorite color is green, but some how most of my yoyo’s end up blue…

My favourite colour is green… so all my first yoyos I bought were green. I didn’t want my collection to be all green so I started getting other colours like red/blue/purple but now I’m getting way to many blues.

Why don’t yoyo companies ever make Yellow? Like c’mon.

I have a total of 6 Yo-Yos,(I like red and green)

3 Reds
2 Greens
and 1 Blue

Green/Purple Combination!

Best colors ever. :slight_smile:

MY 1st run Hatrick colorway. Blue, Grey.

My USA 5Star, Green and Light Green, Genius!

Nope! It’s simply Green and Purple.

Well I guess Green and Light Green is pretty good too because the colors blend together giving it a beautiful look.

I think I also like the Blue and Green combination.

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My favorite is blue and orange. Especially if they are both on each half and they fade into each other. I don’t own a yoyo like this, but I have seen one like this.

what ever color im wearing that day.

My first yo-yos were red. I got a green/blue one once but I always seem to like red yo-yos.
I hate gray(*cough protostar cough) and black yo-yos … they’re too dark to yo-yo with.