Whats Wrong with my DM?


When I grind with my DM, it is super smooth, but lately, it has had a little vibe to it. But sometimes, it goes away, and is smooth again, and sometimes, it vibes again. Usually, it has vibe to it more then it is smooth. I know its not the bearing, cause I tested it in my other yoyo, so, what is wrong with it, and what can I do to fix it?

(Connor) #2

Maybe something with the axle? I dont know, sorry. I normally work on grinds with my Axiom. You she PM Andre and ask him about it.


It may be the caps. Have you taking them out and put em back in repeatedly over time? Might be off seting the wight. Try taking them out and trowing. I don’t know if this is the prob its just a thought. later and remember keep it spinning.


I never have the caps in, but now…it plays silky smooth, I think the problem is gone, thanks guys!

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