whats with the sacred yoyos?


alright i have noticing over the several months that when ever someone dings a CLYW for some odd reason it always seem to be a bigger deal then lets say a person dings there one drop yoyo. I realize CLYW has there smaller runs but something still doesn’t add up because CLYW does multiple runs. So what is it with certain companies having their yoyos sacred? or why its always a bigger deal when the person damages a yoyo from this company but not that company. any who just another one of my rants dont mind me.


People feel more of an attachment to certain things. The same could be said for why a guy marries one woman over the other.


I’m an equal opportunity dinger.

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Well everyone knows that we come nearer to the end of the universe when dings occur. Not only does it mess with the ozone layer on this planet, but the sound, that exact pitch alters the rotation of each planet just a bit, bringing the universe closer to its demise. Even the sun burns hotter momentarily when a yoyo is dinged.

Just saying, if nobody throws a fuss about a ding, the ding is no big thing. However, for many a ding is the end of their world, at least that’s how it feels at the moment. :wink:


I think it’s because most of the younger generation buys into the hype for clyw so that’s normally their first metal. They also tend to care more about vibe and worry that a ding will make it less smooth.


Why would someone care more about crashing their Lambo than their Honda? I am not saying these companies are equivalent to CLYW and OD, but it’s the same concept.


I agree. While some people overdramatize the damage they inflict upon their throws, it still stinks when you ding you brand new general yo majesty.


I get more upset the more stupid the thing was that dinged it was. I was most mad about a missed bind on my SPYY Radian that bounced it off of some concrete. My Yelets I was practicing 5a and forgot that it wasn’t attached to my hand and threw it across my garage into a piece of steel! I felt dumb after that…

My Dingo came unscrewed while it was sleeping (I didn’t tighten it enough after removing a knot) and the halves fell and one was dinged. I wasn’t as upset about that one.

I don’t care too much about dings. I do try to play careful but accidents happen. Remember that the yoyo is a tool and the skills you learn are what is important!


I only ding CLYWs


If you are that worried about dings throw your yoyo over a carpeted floor or dirt and avoid cement or wooden floors. Save your old used throws for cement and wood.


I always thought that people on the forum cared about how others react to these dings, a lot more than people actually have any real reaction to them. After all, if it was as little a deal as it really is, we’d have less to talk about. I don’t like to ding throws, so I rarely do it, which means that it doesn’t happen often enough to be a big deal. If it happened more often, or more than the less than 1% of throws I have actually dinged, maybe it would be a great big deal. There is no proactive effort or strategy on my part. I just refrain from doing anything foolish with something I want to keep looking nice. That works for me, and I don’t have to lose sleep or break a sweat to get good results. :slight_smile:

But, to answer the direct question, I never ever noticed that people seemed to care more about dings based on the brand. Honestly, I never give much thought to how other people react to damaging the things they paid for. It’s their money and their problem, or not a problem, however they want to view it. :slight_smile: Yet, my guess, as previously stated, is that people might care more about damaging something expensive, a bit more than they care when they damage something inexpensive. It just seems to make sense. Maybe that is why it seems brand based. Some brands are generally more expensive than others.

On a personal basis, I think I’d care more about damaging something based on rarity, independent of brand/price.

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Sometimes when I get a new yoyo, I’ll be like, “I’m going to keep this yoyo perfect, and never ever ding it”. If I’ve succeeded for a long time and then I get a big ding, that’s when I get really bummed.


I just don’t understand why people can’t play over a carpet.

It doesn’t bother me if there’s some light damage, but sometimes people will try to flip the most horrificly beat throw to you on the BST and just… SMH.

If your CLYW has more ding than anodization I don’t even want it for 10 dollars.


Because sidewalks and parking lots are unfortunately not carpeted. Nor are the floors at the mall. As it turns out, some of the waiting rooms I find myself in are not carpeted either. McDonald’s and other fast food establishments? Not carpeted. My workplace office is mostly carpeted, but it’s pretty thin carpeting that’s for sure. The bleachers at the pool where my kid has lessons? Not carpeted. The patio of my friend’s house where I just went to a BBQ? Not a shred of carpet to be seen.

Here’s a big one: my entire main floor where I hang out with my kids and wife? No carpet!!! Hardwood and ceramic tile.

As it turns out, when you actually enjoy playing yoyo wherever the heck you happen to be, you find yourself without carpet an awful lot of the time.

Then you’re not the intended buyer. I’ve bought and sold dinged yoyos before. There are those of us who enjoy trying out a new throw for only 1/3 the cost of retail, just because we’re not precious about something that doesn’t typically affect play.

Let’s not go crazy here. Those of us who have dinged yoyos before don’t beat it into a bumpy scratchy oblivion. You’ve never seen a $10 CLYW that’s been dinged free of ano. It just hasn’t happened. :wink:


I love dinged yoyos. My oldest Avalanche has so many dings and each one feels like home and reminds me of the journeys I’ve taken with that throw. My first run gold Chief has a small chunk taken out of it from when it collided with my head and broke my glasses and gashed my eye brow open. I’ll never forget that. Destroy your throws. They were meant to be played with.


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I finally decided that my Wooly Marmot 2 is a regular player, so I took it outside and Walked The Dog with it.

Looks much better now.


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Nice, although the splash sort of hides the scratches.


I’ve never been one to make a big deal about damage, but I’ve got to admit that there are certain yoyos that really do lose a lot of their visual appeal once they’ve picked up a ding or a scratch. Some examples I can think of are the Original SPYY Addiction, the ILLY Noctu, and the Hspin NVx. I’ve owned all three of those yoyos, and could never fully relax with them because I was so paranoid about damaging them.


Haha! I’ve got one of those. Happened within a month of purchase.Ding or no ding, I’ll never sell it.


I have a feeling that if I post pics of my OG Peak people would cry :slight_smile: