whats up with SPYY???


whats going on?

I think it is a site update and Ed is either messing with us or posting his usual mumbo-jumbo.

Or maybe it got switched to Steve’s Precision YoYos lol.

Either way, I wouldn’t worry about SPYY leaving. They have a bunch of Punchlines about to ship.

I hope spyy isnt going anywhere. there are still a few yoyos I want from them. I just got a pistolero and… drool drool, I gotta go throw some

I can’t stop thinking of the Punchline I am hoping to get for my 18th Birthday. I am checking this site upwards of 15 times a day so I don’t miss it. Anyone know how long? I am SO excited.

The new colors are up and they’ll probably be at stores within a couple of days.