The hSpin Website

Try going to it.

And you’ll see why I’m so excited I’m wearing a diaper.

Sounds like I need to scrounge up some more money. Some how I will convince my wife to let me buy a yo-yo next month. Three this month has the mention of buying a yo-yo makes things a little touchy around the house.

I need to save now…

Thanks for the heads up Doc, I am adding it to my blog with now

I wonder what odd shape they will make this time…

Still offline at 8:41 am pst I’m starting to twitch.

Its 3:09 hspin site is still not up it is taking forever

They are in fact giving the whole site a new theme. And although it’s boring to wait for a while, the changes will probably prove to be awesome.

Addment: Everyone are waiting for the yoyo. I can’t afford it, so I am waiting for their new site theme. And André. Will the yoyo come in stock here?