What's this called?

So yeah, I was playing around outside with the yoyo some, mainly just goofing off and doing silly things. Pretty soon I started doing this little slinging motion with the yoyo. Then I started doing a slinging motion and hooking the string in the gap of the yoyo. Then I did it a bit harder and realized it formed a loop as it rolled over. Therefore, I tried to insert my finger in the space of the loop after it rolls over. I know I should catch it with my pointer finger (and I have a few times) but I just started doing this. I recorded a quick video of it.


(PS: I don’t know how to embed the video to the forum, sorry. There’s the link though.)

Can’t think of the name, but it’s a common way of binding sidestyle that looks pretty sweet. Well, except for the catching part.

It kind of looks like a backwards lacaration, sweet find. A question on it, if you dont catch the loop does it bind back?

If you would’ve let it go up or just not catch it then it might’ve turned into a mickey bind:



i tried that trick for some time too. i would like to think of it as a suicide…