What's the worst yoyo ever?

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The worst yoyo in the world is no yoyo.

I don’t think we can agree on one.

There are some pretty gross yoyos out there.

But for every time there is a person that hates one, there is usually one who loves it.

When you first start yoyoing, it gets hard but play with it a lot and you will do great. I bought the spinstar and it kinda stinks, I’m getting the protostar two days from now. My friends are going to the world championship of yoyoing down in orlando. I’m not going, I’m going to the one in December. Hope I get better in yoyoing.

Off topic?

I remember a carbon fibre yoyo with purple rims coming out about a decade ago that was supposed to be pretty much the worst yoyo ever. I forgot the name however.

Don’t hate. It’s great that he’s going to a contest this early.

I can see only bad things happening in this thread…in before the lock….

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I know, I was just meaning that why did he just put this here. Like this is his topic yah know? I don’t hate.

a jolly rancher or a human head

“All yoyos are fine yoyos.”

yomega hotshot.although my first yoyo,a piece of crap

Lots of vibe…crappy response…heavy…slow….


to funny

the yoyo I got as a party favor way back when which was made of a hallow thin plastic (imagine a straw, but yoyo form), it had a glued thread as a string, and it went “gonk” “tok” “zizzzz” and died.

Much more interesting would be:
“What yoyos didn’t live up to the hype?”

The 1st run of Metal Zeroes comes to mind. They were well hyped, and when they came out, they wobbled, the axles stripped, the aluminium was soft. I am a bit of a Duncan fan-boy, just this one product was below par.

All of them. . .
They are so fun, make me so addicted to them and yoyoing in general. . . .

I hope you catch that. . .

I have to say a stock Butterfly not because it plays bad , but because the mold creates these sharp edges on the rim that you have to sand down so you don’t cut your hand.

I can vouch that a plank on a piece of string does not play very well.

I have this metal imperial shaped thing with a plastic grooved axle, it dosn’t sleep you can’t take off the string.