What's the TT and Wedgie?

I would like to know please :smiley:

oh, that’s from Big Brother yoyos.

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Where can i get them? I only see the bully around.

yoyoguy.com, they have it!


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I already have the bully coming in the mail soon but i didn’t see the tt or the wedgie

Ok, then they haven’t released it yet.

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im trying to trade my wedgie on the bst look there

Wait, where did you get a weidgie?

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in a trade from saintrobyn

The TT and Wegie I think are grom Big Brother Yo-Yos. BBYY.

The Wedgie is newer, while the TT, I think that one is the proto they haven’t named yet… Or is TT it’s name? :stuck_out_tongue:

TT(titty twister) is newer i belive

Spencer is wrong. The Wedgie is older, while the TT is newer.

ProtoTypeGuy on the forums (Doug) is the person who makes the yoyos. Whenever he makes a large amount of yoyos, he usually sells them on the BST of YYN. He also gives many yoyos to the team members.

Oh yeah. That was a question I said before. :stuck_out_tongue:

EWWW!!! Thats a bad name for TT.

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Okay… here we go lol…

The Bully is the first yoyo we came out with, we’ve had 2 runs released. Then we made the Wedgie, and have just gotten the production run back from the anodizer, they will be out in about a week or 2… Then we made the TT (Titty Twister), it’s still in proto stages, but we thing we’ve got it pretty well. Then our latest yoyo is the Swirly, we just got the first 48 back from anodizing as these will be sold at worlds (get one!!)

Here are pictures. (all of these are my personal pictures of all my own personal yoyos except for the swirly and the TT because i have not taken pictures of those yet)



TT (Titty Twister):

(the one on the right is the 2nd run proto and is going to be the production run as well)

So yeah, just clearing everything up for you guys!


BBYY is still brainwashing me :stuck_out_tongue:

I was in Berkley, and I saw a sign that said Big Brothers are watching you.


SAMAD!!! Don’t make yourself brainwashed. Just fight yourself not to get brain wash or fight with BBYY to stop brainwashing YOU!!! now…Go!

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