The Official: Show Your Big Brother Yoyos (BBYY) Off Thread!!!

I want to see everybody’s Big Brother collection.

All my BBYY together as a family:

Just the Bully’s:

Just the Wedgie’s"

Just the 2nd Run Bully’s:

OK State’s Wedgie I won:

The next 4 are of my beater 5A Bully:

These last few pics are of my Wooden Wedgie, done by James (JerenB):

Watcha Think?

Man that wooden wedgie looks really cool :o

not only does it look good though, it plays really really well, even though it only has the size bearing that is in the raiders.

nice, what gen wedgie is that? I’d be able to tell you if I saw the hub area better.

It is one of the older ones, it has the flat outside hub.

1st gen…

And Bump

That’s mine, I’ll see if I can get more pics soon.

that’s a nunchuck gone wrong. lol.

(big) brother, can you spare a wedgie?

I need a wedgie so bad
the yoyo not the verb

How much did it cost you to get all those?

He’s a team member (The Captain, specifically), so he probably got most of them for free.

DYonch is correct. I am the team captain, got most of them for free… paid/traded for some.

Bump, with pics!

Here’s my Bully, setup how I play it:

And finally, a Tie McClellan inspired counterweight:


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