The Official: Show Your Big Brother Yoyos (BBYY) Off Thread!!!

(Bradley Moss) #1

I want to see everybody’s Big Brother collection.

All my BBYY together as a family:

Just the Bully’s:

Just the Wedgie’s"

Just the 2nd Run Bully’s:

OK State’s Wedgie I won:

The next 4 are of my beater 5A Bully:

These last few pics are of my Wooden Wedgie, done by James (JerenB):

Watcha Think?


Man that wooden wedgie looks really cool :o

(Bradley Moss) #3

not only does it look good though, it plays really really well, even though it only has the size bearing that is in the raiders.


(Bradley Moss) #5

nice, what gen wedgie is that? I’d be able to tell you if I saw the hub area better.


It is one of the older ones, it has the flat outside hub.

(Bradley Moss) #7

1st gen…


And Bump


That’s mine, I’ll see if I can get more pics soon.

(Mikey) #10

that’s a nunchuck gone wrong. lol.


(big) brother, can you spare a wedgie?


I need a wedgie so bad
the yoyo not the verb


How much did it cost you to get all those?


He’s a team member (The Captain, specifically), so he probably got most of them for free.

(Bradley Moss) #15

DYonch is correct. I am the team captain, got most of them for free… paid/traded for some.


Bump, with pics!

Here’s my Bully, setup how I play it:

And finally, a Tie McClellan inspired counterweight: