FS: Big Brother YoYos Package Deal

Back in 2009, a fun yoyo company came onto the scene but then quickly disappeared leaving 5 fun and unique yoyos, each with interesting names: The Bully, The Wedgie, The Titty Twister, The Swirly, and the Juvenile Offender. I’ve enjoyed mine for a while, but it’s time to see if someone else would like to give them a good home.

I have 4 of the 5 yoyos - Bully, Wedgie, TT and JO.
All are mint and the Wedgie comes with its original container.
All four yoyos for $100 shipped (in U.S)

Here are a couple of pictures.
Silver/Purple is the Bully, Purple is the Wedgie, Silver/Gray is the TT, and Red/Blue is the JO.