CLOSED ALL SOLD: FS/FT: Tons of Metals (Cheap, getting rid of everything)

Hey guys I’m slackmachine (might remember me from yoyonation, used to be really active and had tons of trade credit there). I’m getting back into yo-yoing but getting rid of everything I have and narrowing it down to one yo-yo. I’ve got lots to sell and it’s cheap since I want it gone and only need to fund one yo-yo. Here we go!

Package deals first:
Ywet + Jirorian: $133
Big Brother bully +wedgie + Swirly: $96

Ywet: Preproduction, Blue and Gold, Insanely smooth, coating is the most amazing surface of any yo-yo I’ve ever felt. Amazing. Hardly ever played, perfect condition $90
Big Brother Wedgie: Gold, silicone response, plays amazing $45
Big Brother Bully: Original run, awesome looking and great playing yo-yo $46
Big Brother Bully: 2nd run, purple and silver, great coating and smooth player $51
Big Brother Bully: 2nd run, black, fantastic yo-yo $51
Wedgie Pre-production raw: silicone response $38
Big Brother Swirly: awesome player, small, really quick: $34
Wedgie Pre-production beadblasted: rare and awesome player, o-ring response $39
One Drop M1: beat up and weirdly really smooth, sweet yo-yo $25
Big Brother Juvenile Offender: One of the best bbyy yo-yos, raw: $77
Crucial Jirorian: crazy fun and great player, little vibe doesn’t get in the way $68

PRICES ARE COMPLETELY NEGOTIABLE I wanna get rid of all my yo-yo stuff so say what you think is reasonable. But no lowballing. S&H not included.
Only trades I’ll accept:
Duncan MG (Will trade almost everything)
Anti-yo B.S.P. (Will trade almost everything)
Mass amounts of high quality string (for the cheaper stuff on my list)

which one is the one drop m1?