Show Off Your Big Brother Yoyo's

Here is my happy BBYY family-

The tower of BBYY!

Maddog’s+my collection minus his Zen.

whats the blue one

the blue one is a swirly

looks cool where can i get one?

they were sold at worlds 09, look on the bst on various forums and you may find one

thanks ;D

looks like a humongus gapped yoyo

It kinda is but has no problem with binds in any way.

Seems pretty hard to believe, ya know?

Believe what you want. Mine plays awesome!

Oh and what about that 888 gap eh? Its the same pretty much!

Jealousy, i love the swirly and the wedgie. Your SO LUCKY.

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I’ve got a prototype swirley I’ll sell ya.

im jelouse(sry for spelling)
i only have 1 bully
whats the silver one

Titty Twister or TT for short.

Are you guys ready for this?


Well good, because my little brother took one of my TT’s to school, so I can’t make a full collection picture quite yet, wait about another hour and I’ll have some really good pics up of all my BBYY’s!!!

Group pic of all bullys!!

Single pic of my painted bully

Group pic of all wedgie

group pic of both swirleys

group pic of all tt’s

group pic of ALL BBYY’S!!!

plus more!!

Going to be exciteing!!

I had to link these as Thumbnails because they’re HUUUUGE pics, so click on them for the larger pics!




And now my TT’s!!!
^^ Look, my splash ano one has a heart in it, see it? Oh yeah, it’s beast!!!^^
Meh TT’s:

And noooowww!!!

All of them TOGETHAAAAH!!!

that was epic. truly epic.

Haha thanks. According to Doug I’ve got the biggest BBYY Collection out there.

If anyone wants to challenge me, go for it!!!

Drools over Brad’s collection

Brad, may I be in your will? :stuck_out_tongue: