A new yoyo by Big Brother Yoyos!!1 Yaaay!!!

(Bradley Moss) #1

It’s called the swirly. These are the first two prototypes we’ve got so far. here is a quote from Doug (owner of BBYY) from the YYN forum.


Hectic like…

(Yo!It'sMatt) #3

Shiny… drools

(Bradley Moss) #4

Not Even CLOSE!

Please don’t tell me that these look like other yoyos.


I KNEW you guys would make a yoyo called the Swirly!


Those are so cool I wan’t one sooooooooooooooooooooo bad. :’( I know you said they would be avalible at worlds but I won’t be there. So when will they offically be “released” and about how much will they cost?


Wow! This is Shiny and clean… :o

Happy Throwing! =]

(Shisaki) #8

they’re available at worlds!!! Specs plz? I might get one at worlds…



  • Drools *


Oh my gosh I LOVE that shape! Doug is a genius. I’ll be getting one for sure!

Also, is that a small bearing I see?

(Bradley Moss) #11

Yes it will be available at worlds, not sure when the release will be, or price, or specs. I know it’s a smaller yoyo that can take orings, silicone and has a small bearing!


Yay! Small Bearing FTW!

Brad, has the team gotten their prototypes yet?

(ed) #13

psh. lighten up, brad!

yes i realize it’s much smaller and no, i’m totally not serious.
looks cool.


Sorry :-,

At a glance it sorta wad the rims like Hectic but the more I look at it the more different it is…


handsome yoyos

(Shisaki) #16

will it come in large bearing also?

(Bradley Moss) #17

Lol lighten up? hahaha i just asked nicely… =0P

and… what is that?!

(Bradley Moss) #18

nah, the biggest we’re going with this one is the spyy size bearing!

(Shisaki) #19

Darn…still might get one tho

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #20

It must be super-dee duper-dee small if it is smaller than the m1. What does that make the 4th BBYY yoyo?