A new yoyo comming soon.

Its still in development faze but its almost done. Its a new yoyo from a new company.

Wedgie, P2, …, TT

Looks sexy, I would probably drop some cash for one

Oh man, I think I see the sig yoyo of Bradward Mossington!!!

Looks phat… NICE!

NO NO Josh. Thats not for Brad. Brad will have one from BBYY. Not from IKYO!

Wow, looks pretty cool.

Did you make that Icthus, or do you know the person who made it?

Looks so cool, and the shape reminds me of the X-conVict

Pretty sure he did

At first I thought it was the Swirly. :o

No offense but it looks like something YYF was going to make. The only difference I see is the extra part between the response and the outside part of the yoyo.

Looks awesome.

Is that the FHZ-X-convict? Or different, can’t tell.

Does look like Swirly and YYF’s un-produced thing…

i do not think it looks like it at all, maybe that is just me. but it looks cool.

the one on the right looks interesting

Yeah this is mine. Its new. From a new company called IKYO. My company.
Its nothing like the YYF thing. Its Way bigger than the swirley. The idea did come from that FHZ/VICT mod I did. I liked it so much that now its a real yoyo! Woot!!

The Maroon one on the right is a TT by Big Brother. they will be comming out hopefully before Christmas. Yes Doug from Big Brother is my good friend. Also my CAD man! lol

I think he was talking about the YYF picture.

Great to hear that Doug is releasing the TT’s soon. Any info on the production Wedgies?

Wedgies? 150 waiting for the worlds slow down to be over!

Just eye-balling but is that about 65.5 grams?

Cool! Reminds me of an X-Convict.

Very funny. lol Which forum did you get that from?

What do you mean? I have a very keen eyesight for weight

and I’ve been thinking, you should name this the agape