Show Off Your Prototype Yoyo


Show off whatever yoyos that were not on the market when you got them.
Keep your spin, Bro

(DOGS) #2

PrePro Wedgie. I also have a CopyCat but that was never on the market.

(YoYoStringLab) #3

Wrath prototype. I just love this throw.
DEADLY SpINS - Wrath 1 by YoYoStringLab, on Flickr


The Vitality.

(kclejeune) #5

BBYY vortex proto


Scary how much the that inner area looks like the Summit, with the exception of the Summit’s single groove…


nice one offs //, how did you guys come by these?

(kclejeune) #8

Right? It’s scary.
I got it directly from Doug…


I used to have one of these BBYY’s that you call a “vortex”. It technically doesn’t have a name.
Mine was engraved for DitchDown44. I parted with mine as an xmas gift to another DD44 Brother. :slight_smile:
Yes. I tried to thumb grind with it. Yes. It does hurt. lol.


I used to own a prototype small bearing bvm

you can see pics of it here


Ahhh I wanted that soo bad!

Didn’t Ben end up getting it and now it’s in his eternal collection?

(kclejeune) #12

Don’t make me remember. I had a black nail for a week because it hit that hard.


Except that was made a few years prior to the Summit.


I never said which came first, or if one was modeled after the other, I was simply remarking on the similarity.


It actually went to greenonion and then dissapeared

(kclejeune) #16

I know I thought about that when I first saw the summit… The resemblance is scary. It’s even freakier if you look at a gambit.

(major_seventh) #17

Lovin this Prestige


Puffin prototype.


Let’s bring this thread back from the dead! Prototype USA hatrick!

(major_seventh) #20

And as always: