What's the thing with fhz?

Why does everybody like it so much, and why are there many versions of it?

Its a classic and very capable yoyo.

And somewhat of a standard set for many yoyos to follow in a sense.

Version wise, its simply because it was a yoyo that such could be done with it, and with it being a very marketable yoyo with a high chance of sale, it was done, has been done, and will most likely continue to be done.


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'cause it’s awesome.

because its been around for 10years

I have a recessed one with a 10 ball and flowable it’s awesome!

The general idea is that one, they are OG as one might say, and two they are cheap and great for modifying.

And yet they’re great to play stock too

mmmmm Zeros…

Another reason they are so popular is because sick bastards like me keep buying them…over and over again. I’m still looking for a bionic and yodel one.

Don’t forget Steve Brown! Also, Tyler Severance used it to win Worlds 5A in 2007.

They are the heart and soul of yoyo’s to me.

They have more soul in that 66* grams of plastic than any other throw I’ve had.
*yes, I do infact know it’s not exactly 66 grams of plastic.

Where’s Brandon Jackson??

anyhow… here’s his collection… http://www.flickr.com/photos/yobrandon/sets/72157621585949327/

They are just a favorite! Almost any FHZ can be modded to about anything.

It’s classic, part of yo-yo history and since its so cheap, everyone should own at least one. And it’s really fun to play wiht.

FHZs are awesome and timeless! And it’s FHZ Friday today!!!

Yeah, I’m getting my first one soon, it’s going to be a Mongu!!

Got a strange feeling he won’t be running out of counterweights :wink:

Also… I can’t believe it hasn’t been mentioned yet (or… that I forgot to mention it earlier)

It’s the yo-yo that broke the mold - literally.

But when the Original FH1 was introduced… it set the bar for modern performance yoyo play. It was untouchable. It was smooth, consistent, and could be tuned responsive/unresponsive enough that it pretty much MADE all of the ground-breaking tricks that made the 2001 era of trick innovation possible. (also, much thanks to the Renegade via SuperYo)

BUT! then the mold broke in the factory. (It was only a test mold anyhow…)

Duncan didn’t have the cash for, or didn’t want to put up the cash for the new mold to bust out a set of high-quality yoyos… for a few hundred players. The market wasn’t ready for it.

SO! in 2004 when the FH Zero was introduced - and it was an almost perfect replica of the FH1 in every way, but tweaked w/ some slight improvements… it became an overnight legend.

And I would say that for THAT reason, more than any other, it is the iconic yo-yo that it is.

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i still have about 20. what i love is the extent to which players have applied minor structural mods to give them a really interesting and ‘diverse’ feel. i still have about 20 or so, and almost all of them are set up a little differently. my favorite remains the deep 1-side takeshi recess with kentaro pad.

such a good yo-yo. really overlooked in the days of ‘if it’s not metal it’s crap.’
here’s a fhz video i made years ago.

Brandon Jackson gave me a FHZ of his,too bad I didn’t get it signed