whats the proper way to pad recess a freehand?


ok ive seen people recess only one side and put only one silicone sicker in that side is this the way that it plays the best?

i thought i would recess both sides nad have a sticker in both sides

what are your experiences with this?


i would recommend reccesing both side and put in silicone not silicone sticker

(Mitch Ginder) #3

This should probably be in the Modders section but, what I have found is best is just recessing a silicon groove and putting in red RTV gasket maker.


Ok I know that for pad recess I’d use a one fourth inch drill bit so what size should I use for sili or gasket maker?

(J. Lev) #5

Its just a matter of what you like. Some people like the feel of both, some only like one. Personally, I don’t even care, and toss in a Kentaro on my Zero even though its not recessed for it.


That drill bit will not leave you a smooth flat surface for the sticker to stick to.
You need a flat bottom router bit to do the job right or send it to a modder and let one of us do it for you. Then it will be done right. Also if you want it pad recessed then do that. If you want it sili recessed then do that. Don’t change your mind on the fact that someone told you to change your mind. Be yourself and get what you want. Single pad recessed yo’s are amazing!


I just wanted to know because I want to buy another one so I could do both and see which I like more