I want to do recess

Ok so I’m a little confused, but here goes. I want to make a groove for silicone in a Flying Panda. What’s the difference in a Groove and a Recess? Where can I get the right tools to do it other than a Drill(or other tool, already have that part) I hear you need a sharpened Jewlers Screwdriver. Where can I get it Sharpened? Anything els I need? I have watched videos on how to do it. just need the supplies.

You sharpen it yourself. Use a medium grit stone to start. Finish off with a fine grit.

I have a stone but how do I know what grit it is? It’s not a spinning it’s just a stone which means “By Hand.” I have another knife thing I tried using but it wasn’t sharpened enough. It took a while. Any other tips on my questions?

Use the stone you have - should work fine. Put a little oil on the stone when you do it. See how it comes out. It doesn’t have to be razor sharp. And remember, you’re doing a dragging type of cut, not slicing with the sharp edge facing into the rotation.

Ok. Thanks. Tips on the rest of my questions?

you just need a drill, screwdriver, and vice. and optionally a 2x4. If you haven’t already, watch the video in the useful mods sticky about how to get a recess using a drill.
The screwdriver doesn’t have to be very sharp at all. I just took some 200 grit sand paper, and sharpened the tip for maybe 30 seconds on each side. like jhb said, you’re not going for razor sharp. You won’t need a whet stone or strop to get a razor edge on it. You just need it sharp enough to be able to scrape away plastic.

They do make really small chisels, too, if you want to go that way. But a sharpened screwdriver has seemingly worked for dozens of people and it’ll probably work for you, too. :wink:

Ok thanks. What about the difference between a Recess and a Groove for Sili?

Nothing. Use whichever word you prefer. It’s just semantics.

It’s all groovy! ;D

Ok thanks. Will post pics when done :).

It didn’t work out very well. I’ll try on a FHZ instead :). But will try some Polishing. :slight_smile: