Cleaner Recess?

Hey, I am recessing a lot of random cheap yo-yos that I found for practice and I was looking and they don’t look “Clean” to me. I have been jumping around from tool to tool to find the best item to recess with but can’t find anything that works well. Along that, any tips for making a clean recess? They all work very well but doesn’t look very appealing.

Doesn’t look clean? Like the recess job doesn’t look clean or just for some reason that part of the plastic doesn’t look clean?

You could possibly try to get a thin piece of sandpaper or something like that down into the recess to give it a bit of a satin.

it is a nice recess, but the bottom is jagged and bumpy. I can get the nice recess around the bearing seat, but I want to make it clean in the recess, I tried sandpaper. I am mainly looking for a good tool to recess with.

Sandpaper is that good tool my friend. Without a lathe it will be very difficult to get such a smooth bottom.

Yes try some sandpaper, i used a jewelr’s screwdriver when the yoyo was connected to a drill, after you recessed it just sandpaper it and it should come out clean, it did for me. i agree with apetrunk, try a jewelr’s screwdriver if you havent


I’ll try sanding it a little more. I have tried a Screwdriver, but not a Jewelers, I have a fairly small one I will try.

Is this for a pad recess or silicone? If its for silicone then forget it. There is no need to have it smooth. The roughness is actually helping hold the sili in. If its for a pad recess then once you get the recess done, get you a screwdriver that is the same width as the recess and slow your drill down. It also doesn’t hurt to sharpen the screwdriver too. Sand paper will help but you need s fairly smooth bottom to start with.

Hope this helps.

Okie Dokie!

I meant Silicone recess.

Thanks for the help guys :wink:

Yeah if its for silicone, I don’t think anyone cares really.