What is better a silicone recess or sticker recess

I’m planning on doing one of those. I’m leaning towards the sticker recess also is a chisel or x acto knife okay to do this stuff on a drill?

I would use a chisel before an xacto knife. Drag the chisel. Meaning don’t attempt to play wood turner and have the cutting edge facing the rotation.

Sili or sticker? If you do sili you don’t have to buy stickers. If you do stickers you have less cutting to do and less chance to mess it up. Your choice.

Yeah so is guess i’m going to do sticker because i have a 48 pack of friction stickers.

Makes sense to me.

What I like about a silicone recess vs. a sticker recess is that the response area is smaller. I find I get better performance to my liking with a silicone recess. If I compare a stock FHZ with a modified FHZ(sili recessed and schmoove rings on both halves), I like the silicone recessed model much better.

While that’s true, I have actually made hybrids out of the two responses that worked rather well. That gives the option of a sticker or not. Also, I’ve cut pad recesses with a dull tool before, resulting in a starburst like pattern. If you removed the sticker on my latest mod, you would find that.