whats the difference??

my cousin wanted to ask me whats the difference between puttin thick lube and breaking it and puttin thin lube and breaking it.

Thin lube will break in faster.

do you know which one is quiter?or are they the same?

Thick lube makes it responsive and quiet, thin lube makes it quiet. Thin lube won’t change the response much, unless you put a bottle full of it into the bearing.

Thick lube will generally take a longer time to break in.

Thanks guys for the answers and my cousin put thick lube on his 10 ball lol and he ask me if there is a way to make unresponsive other than breaking it in cause it takes a long time(he doesnt want to clean it)and if u put thin lube it will become more responsive…btw 10 ball takes a long time to break in

Just tell him to soak it in water and shake it around. 10 Balls are stainless steel, so it wont rust that easily.

That should be the last resort IMO. Don’t put it in water. Just add some thin lube to it (Yes it will break down the thick lube) or clean the bearing.

I would never place any of my yo-yo’s in water! Use some thin lube by the way.

I have place my dv888 in the fountain on the last dxl meeting

Its a 10 ball. Thin lube may help if there isn’t too much thick lube in there, but if the amount of thick lube fills the bearing, it will make it worse.

if you want to make the bearing drastically quieter, but still have it play with very little difference, i recommend a technique called “micro lubing” (dont worry, its easier than it sounds ;). )

all you do is put a needle or pin inside the lube bottle (though the top, of course) turn the bottle upside down so some lube gets on the needle, then take the needle out, and touch it to one of the balls in the bearing (the shields must be off).

then, play with the yoyo for about 5 mins to spread the lube (there is a very small amount of lube in the bearing, it takes a while for it to spread out), and the yoyo should play much quieter, and better!

hope it works well for you :wink:

PS: you CAN wash 10 balls in water, just make sure you dry it out with a hair dryer, or a similar object. 10 balls are made of amazingly high quality stainless steel, so the water wont really hurt it :wink:

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