Whats the difference between the avalanches

Whats the difference between the original avalanche and the comeback , do they play differently? and which one is better in your opinion ? Please help thanks in advance

Weight…I believe the OG is lighter and floatier.


The OG is heavier and I think a touch floatier.

OG: 55.5mm diameter, 43mm width, 67.2grams, 4.140mm gap, flat bearing(brand unknown)
I think flowable silicone was the response pad, but is compatible with Snow Tires and AquaPads

Comback: 55.050diameter, 42.9mm width, 65.9g, 4.05mm gap, includes CBC CenterTrac
Snow Tires response pads standard, still compatible with flowable silicone.

Very, very close in specs.

I think now I know why I do in fact like the OG Avalanche better: little heavier, slower, floatier. Supports my lack of skills better! Mind you, the Comeback is nothing short of amazing as well.

(Edited because I screwed up the weight for the Comeback Ava. All better now)

This must be a typ-o?

I love the OG. Thats not to say the New isn’t good however. I’m just saying…It means I love a yoyo when I have four of them…or had. Stable, smooth, floaty, what’s not to love? Heavier than the Comeback and also has all of the things that usually come with weight. (ie spin time, etc)

Oops looks like I was wrong here! Thanks!

I felt each of the OG runs had a slightly different feel to it as well.

Overall I prefer the OG runs. 2nd and 3rd run, specifically.

thank you , all of you very much you helped a lot

Yup. I’ll go fix my original posting. Thanks. I was in a hurry to finish as I was being screamed at in 8 different directions!

I wonder what a 56.9g Ava would play like…