How's the comeback avalanche?

I’m thinking about getting a gnarwhal but the avalanche caught my eye. I know that the newer model, the one I’d be purchasing, doesn’t compare to the OG, but id like to get one. I like descent spin times, semi stable, and semi floaty throws. I also like to move mid fast to fast.
also, how does it compare to the gnarwhal?

I like it it’s kinda smoother than the OG Avalanche but I prefer my Fools Gold avalanche (OG) over the comeback

Excuse my ignorance, but what is OG?

IMO it’s not very stable. The summit feels a decent amount like it but with more stability. Either one is hands down better than a gnarwahl because of spin time alone.


There’s 2 versions of the avalanche so they’re just using OG to reference the first models instead of the current ones

I owned a comeback avalanche and it had a great feel to it

I don’t understand why people complained as much as they did about the Comeback Avalanche. It is/was a very nice throw. It doesn’t have the nostalgia that the original Avalanche has but that nostalgia is also only 2 years worth of nostalgia so really people needed to get over it, in my opinion. I would never call an Avalanche “floaty” but it is super stable and has excellent spin time. The spin time and stability are both superior to its Gnarwahl brother. I give the Comeback Avalanche an “A.” The colorways were gorgeous and it plays very well. I cannot imagine this throw letting you down.

people on these boards just have an obsession with og throws which I think is partially tied to nostalgia

I have both the “OG” Avalanche and a Comeback Avalanche and I’ve spent a fair amount of time with both.

If I recall, the tech drawings or CAD for the Avalanche was lost, but was original Avalanche was based on the original Sasquatch, so they went back to the Sasquatch CAD, made the changes again and that’s what you get: the Comeback Avalanche.

There are differences, but they are subtle. Both are very solid, stable and smooth playing yoyos. Given a choice between the two, I give a tiny edge to the OG Avalanche. That’s my preference. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the new ones. I’ve also played many FG Avas and I can honestly say I fail to see why any of the ones I’ve played could be considered FG versions because they were that good.