What's the difference and what's better?

Right what’s better and what’s different about the Hectic small and large bearings?

Personally i think the bigger bearings are smoother

I made this post to ask what was different and better because I wanted a Hectic for Christmas but I remember now that all the shops I was going to buy one from before had sold out and weren’t getting any others back in, are there any other yo-yos round about the same price and would play kinda the same and as smooth?

I have a trian wreck and its pretty smooth, and an 888 is smooth um, i like g5s also.

Completely off topic unless you add more insight.
First of all, there is no better it’s about preference.
Small bearing is for faster play and tighter binds even at slower spins.
Large bearing is the traditional size and allows for more string layers in the gap.