What's the biggest case you've seen for sale? (looking for a collection case)

I’m looking for a case to hold my entire collection. Doesn’t need to be portable. I don’t like those wall ones though they scare me. The biggest I’ve seen is the 24 YYE Case if they made a bigger version of that it would be perfect.

Carry case or display type case?


Not ones where the yoyos are displayed like art. My yoyos need constant attention :slight_smile:


Pretty sure there was a 50 star case

There’s also the steve brown bass case which held much more

where can I get those cases you were talking about?

I think there was a 72 star case? 24x3 iirc.

I have one I bought from Brett Grimes or one of the other HSYY guys that holds 33 or 37, I forget. Also has a decent size box that can hold parts and stuff.

Also have one that I use to hold a bunch of my plastics that holds 32 that is still available for sale from another retailer but to be honest I wouldn’t suggest it. Doesn’t seem very high quality and I wouldn’t trust it for high end metals but it’s great for what I bought it for.

The fear :o of wall cases: oddest phobia ever!

I think there was a 72 star case now that I think about it. Unfortunately the star case hasn’t been produced for some time and the bass case was a one off. It was literally a case intended for a bass guitar that was fitted with foam and then cut

apparently modfather did it as well or sold it

Perhaps not; if you live somewhere they have earthquakes.

Your best bet is just to make yourself one. Just go buy a large case of some sort, gun case, guitar case, pelican case what ever you want then go hit up a hobby shop and buy some foam. then cut it for the yoyos.
The largest case I ever seen for sale was the 72 star case as well.