Brett Builds A New Case And Its A Big Sucker :)

Well as the collection grows so does the case size. Here is my new case I built today.

Its awesome, big, and cool!

Happy Throwing! =]

It’s the Big Bertha of yoyo cases! Awesome!

you should just invest in a 72 blackstar case :stuck_out_tongue:

is that an exacto knife there in the corner??? aand nice case :wink: :wink:

Woah! Nice collection and case.

nice case and amazing collection

having them on theyre sides makes it look like you have more than when they were on the rims to me

great case Brett ;D

Nice case ;D ;D ;D WOWOWOWWOW…So many P2s



that is the bigest case i have everr sean

Have you seen 74 black star? It’s bigger. And bigger homemade cases have been made.

well is it

Yes its an Exacto Knife… :slight_smile:

Massive… How big is it? dimension wise?


wow… awesome…

oh I redid it by the way LOL…

Imma eat some of the CLYWs…

Wow! That’s a lot of yoyo collection, and the case is awesome! ;D

Biggest collection I ever seen!