whats going to be released at the bac?

question says it all

Only thing I know of is a new signature string from YYSL.

probably mega discounted b grades from several companies.

When is BAC?

this coming saturday

thank you very much, man!

I’m looking forward to this year’s BAC…almost wasn’t going to make it…being memorial day weekend, I was originally going to hit up 2 different area amusement parks, one being Saturday and one Sunday…we scratched one of the parks off/possibly moved it to Monday which freed my Saturday…hello BAC! And I’ll have a new throw to take along, being my RecRev f(x) that should arrive by Tuesday…

It’s a signature, for sure, but, well… you’ll see.

OK, cool. I need another 100-count of Type X, or I may consider something else.

I will have a few on hand. PM’d on options.

I need 100 count AMMO. Thank god Matt has me hooked up already :slight_smile:

Don’t mean to double post but I think the YYJ Surge is gonna be there too. New affordable plastic from YoYoJam. It was on there Facebook page.

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This puzzles me. Does this mean it could possibly be a signature throw or Kendama?

Well I guess we’ll see.

It still has to do with string.

One Drop team members will be showing at least one new prototype. Go find them and check it out :slight_smile:

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I can 100% guarantee that you’ll see someone playing with a yoyo somewhere.

Yoyos that I can’t afford but want.


YoYoJam is releasing a few Prototypes!

On Friday at the Pizza thing: YoYoJam Surge

Voopers New Metal Signature! Prototype of course

Ill be getting both :slight_smile:

I could have sworn I saw somewhere that the CLYW prototype plastic is going to be available for testing somewhere… was that BAC or a different event?

One drop plastic