BAC yo-yos

I saw that the YoyoFactory site says that yoyoexpert will be getting some BAC yo-yos

Anybody know what yo-yos will be coming to the site?
BAC wooden yo-yo?
2010 Severe? (doubt it)
Loop 900? (also doubt)
5a May and other YYF stickers?
Spin Top Buttons?

Yea, not so sure about yoyoexpert getting some LE throws from BAC, but I’m sure that you will more than def get a lot if you go to BAC in person.
2010 severe most likely not
Loop 900 most likely not
Spin Top buttons maybe. (better chance than above 2)
BAC wooden yoyo (maybe after a while, but a limited run most likely)

I’d say your best bet is to get them at Bac…

Hope this helps

I’m very sure that YYF said that some yoyos are in YYE if you can’t come to BAC…

And 2010 Severe will be there…
The capless version…
B-Grades are going to be there, YYF said it…
Loop 900 is going to be limited…
And also Splash Cali…
And stickers are also going to be there…

I get all of this info from
And I assume you saw it there too…

Straight from the yoyofactory web site…

[i]YoYoFactory is coming to BAC

Retail Highlights:

$40 FundaMETAL B-Grades
Hectic, Lunatic, Dv888, Chaotic, Tactic, BAC Grade 2010 Dv888s *all while stock lasts

loop900 Limited #s but they will be available $25 each

Splash Cali BAC2010 $65

SEVERE 2010 again, real limited #s $100

BAC wooden yo-yo $10!

Spin Tops $100, Spin Top Buttons 4 for $1

  • $5 SPEC bearings, $2 pad sets, free stickers (including the new YoYofactory 5A Sticker!)

Cash sales only, while stocks last[/i]

I will paypal someone that is going to BAC the money for 10 spintop buttons (Or 8, whatever increments they sell them in) and the money to ship them if they pick me up said 8-10 spintop buttons and some 5A May stickers (And whatever stickers you can get your hands on ;D )