Whats going on? Plastic whip.

Hey everyone, I got a problem.

Yesterday I started throwing, and got the plastic whip down. Was landing it pretty consistent, say 8 out of 10 times.

Today, whenever I try, the yoyo is binding and flying up to my hand, hitting it quite hard.

What could I be doing wrong? If the yoyo is spinning slowly, this does not happen, and I can still do the whip.

Did you lube the bearing between then?
When I got my used CZM8 it would do the same thing, come flying up right after I threw the whip forward. I swapped the bearing to a clean center trac and the problem was gone.

I did lube the bearing actually , to make it more responsive. After half hour, I realised I didn’t need the extra response though, so I’ve ordered a fresh bearing along with another throw.

Would the extra response be making it bind? If so, I guess the problem will go with the new bearing.

Uh… yeah…

Fair enough. Few new bits arriving tomorrow so will change the bearing.

Is your string tension perfect? If not then you might be hitting both parts of the string to create a simple whip bind. Make sure that you keep that loop open wide and take it slow. You should get it.

And remember you can always break down the lube on your responsive bearing with more play to bring it back to unresponsive.

I’ve got it down now :).

It was the bearing being responsive, I changed it to a concave copy and it is now fine, and works fine on my Legacy too.

I really don’t know what I prefer now, my metal or my plastic!