Whats a good yoyo for around $65?


Hey guys im looking for a good yoyo around $65. Hectic and L3 look nice.


I have not tried any of these,

But I heard that the Dv888 was really nice. I also heard that the california was nice, too.

But before we give you any final answers, waht are your prefrences? :slight_smile:


According to my preferences, the DV888. But what are your preferences?


theres many throw in that price range.
fundametal YYF, auldey, rec rev, just to name a few.
pick the one you like according to your preferences.


I was looking and the virus and zen 3 look nice but I dont know.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #6

(M²) #7

dv888, beysick, lunatic


ProtoStars, its twice as good.